Hydro Mobile

Hydro Mobile offers quality mast climbing work platforms and accessories that increases productivity and contribute to increased worker safety, security and longevity. Our staff is ready to help you select the right one for the job.

  • The M-Series is the perfect tool for any facade work that requires high capacity for both new construction and restoration. With a load capacity of 20,000 lbs a climbing rate of 3′ per minute, it’s perfect for brick or block masonry and stone or marble facade work from 20′ – 250′ in height.
  • The F-Series is designed for projects over a 100′ in height and can accommodate a diversity of work type needs from windows, EIFS to stucco, painting and bricklaying. Trades can work separate platforms at different heights and ideal for new constructions or restoration.
  • The P-Series is the perfect tool for smaller jobs that require high capacity or for restrained work area where most climbing platforms can’t fit. It’s ideal for multi-residential or small commercial masonry jobs between 15′ – 100′ in height.
  • The E-Series combines low ownership and rental costs with versatility, reliability and safety. It’s the ideal access solution fro trades like glazing, EIFS, roofing, caulking, inspection and much more.

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